Nu Salsa - No More Requests

As of October 2019, Nu Salsa has closed it's doors and will no longer be teaching salsa classes or running events in Belfast. There's no exciting news or scandal, things just move on.

A lot has changed since Nu Salsa started in October 2004. Linsey asked David to help out with some classes and the company was formed, moving a few times and changing direction as well. Many of you will know Nu Salsa as "David & Suzanne". Since she left for London a few years ago, the classes have never been the same.

When David started teaching, he was a young 24 year old. Turning 40 next year, it's time to move on and make sure that I'm doing the right things for me. If you know me well, you will know I don't compromise my classes or events. I refuse to use sub standard venues, I don't like to use pop music when teaching classes and I absolutely hate having to make people decide between 2 events in the same city on the same night. With more people running different events in Belfast, I'm going to bow out quietly and let them continue to provide you with the nights out that you're looking for.

Kizomba and Bachata hardly existed when Nu Salsa started. These dances seem to now be a part of the dance scene in Belfast. With no interest in providing classes or music in these dances, you will be better served by those promoters who will play all of the music that people seem to be requesting these days. I hope the events in Belfast continue to be strong. I'll keep going to them, but as a dancer and not a teacher or promoter.

And never say never, you might see some more events in the future, just not under the Nu Salsa name. We'll maybe do some one-off events next year, but the regular Ivanhoe parties will not be continuing for now.