Social Salsa Dancing in Belfast and Around Northern Ireland

Information on our salsa parties plus other events in Belfast and around the country.

Salsa dancing is a social partner dance. We spend our time in classes to get better at dancing with other people on the dancefloor. So where can you go to put all your new moves into practice ? We run our own monthly parties at the Ivanhoe Hotel on the Saintfield Road, but there are plenty of other salsa events in Belfast and around the country. We've tried to list most of them below, but please check with the other teachers as times, dates and venues can change without us knowing.

Salsa Dancing  in Belfast on Fridays

One of the longer running nights is hosted by Tony & Carolina in the Malone Lodge Hotel. They usually have a class to start the evening then dancing until late with salsa, bachata, kizomba, cha-cha, merengue and even a bit of reggaeton. Located in the downstairs function room, it has a good dancefloor and a nice atmosphere. A good party if you're a beginner or just looking to get an idea of what salsa in Belfast in like. This is normally on every Friday but please check with Tony & Carolina to make sure.

Saturday Night Salsa in Belfast

There are a few well established social nights in Belfast, including our own Ivanhoe party.

First Saturday of the month - Salsa at the Windsor Tennis Club with Salsa Belfast. One of the longest running events in Belfast, this attracts a good number of dancers each month. The upstairs room caters for salsa, bachata and cha-cha, while the downstairs room is usually (but not always) open as a second room for kizomba. The entry fee covers both rooms. Normally there will be a salsa class or a kizomba class before the party starts. There is a full bar, easy on street parking and the party goes on until 1am.

Second Saturday of the month - Adele has been running latin salsa parties at the Greenisland War Memorlal Hall since 2018 and is now established as one of the main events in the month. Similar to the above parties, the night will start with a class, maybe partnerwork or footwork, then salsa music with a mix of cha-cha and bachata until 1am.

Third Saturday of the month - This is usually our own salsa party at the Ivanhoe. Our next dates are Sat 20th July and then we have a break in August. In September, we will be running a larger event at the Crescent Arts Centre with Gil & Shelley from London. We generally start the night with a salsa class at 8.30pm then music until 1am. In my opinion, the dance floor at the Ivanhoe is one of the best for dancing, and with a big car park, space outside to cool down and friendly hotel staff, it's one of the best nights of the month ... but then I'm biased !!

Last Saturday of the month - Although Mark usually is DJ at the Windsor, he also now runs his own night in Ballymena, normally falling on the last Saturday of the month. He provides a good mix of latin music, with mainly salsa but you'll get a bit of everything and a few lineups and for some reason, there's nearly always a birthday dance !!

What Does Salsa Dancing Look Like ?

I'm sorry to tell you that reality is nothing like Strictly Come Dancing. Here's a little clip of David and Suzanne messing around before teaching a class in Dublin.

20th July 2019 - Salsa at the Ivanhoe

Join us for our summer party with class at 8.30pm and music through to 1am.
Ivanhoe Hotel, Saintfield Road, Belfast

21st September 2019 - Gil & Shelley at the Crescent Arts

Salsa, bachata and kizomba with guest teachers Gil & Shelley from London
Crescent Arts Centre, 2-4 University Rd, Belfast

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