Wednesday Salsa Classes in Belfast

We are running a 4 week summer course in the Crescent Arts Centre, starting on Wednesday 19th July. The lesson will run from 7.30 - 9.30pm.

The class will take the form of a salsa partnerwork lesson, taught by David and Nicola Britton, with equal attention given to the leaders and followers. The purpose of the course will be to improve your ability on the dance floor, giving you more confidence in partnerwork, styling and musicality. Lessons are suitable for anyone at an Improver level or above (not suitable for beginners).

Cost will be £10 per person per night or you can book in advance for £32 for 4 weeks. Click the Paypal button below to book now.


Crescent Arts Centre


If you're new to salsa, head over to our Beginners page where you will find details of classes suitable for you.