How to Get Lots of Dances at a Salsa Weekend

If you're okay in your local dance class but you struggle to get up on the floor at the socials, read this post to learn how to dance more at the nights out.

As the Irish Salsa Congress approaches this weekend, here are a few tips from my own experience to help the guys get more dances during a weekend. You don't need to be a superstar dancer to stay on the dance floor all night. Remember, "girls talk", so if you follow the rules below, they'll talk nicely about you. If you ignore these rules/guidelines, they will also talk about you, but maybe not in a nice way.

Be Polite

Every girl likes to be treated well, so ask politely for a dance, don't be one of those guys who walks up vaguely close and sticks his hand out and the lady comes running like a puppy. Ask nicely and I always think "may I have a dance" sounds a lot better than "wanna dance ?".

Be Courteous

Treat the lady with respect. Walk her to the dancefloor, respect her on the dancefloor and don't put her in a position where she feels uncomfortable (this includes doing dangerous moves, flinging her around without control and invading her personal space when it certainly hasn't been asked for) and then when the dance is finished, walk her back to her seat. You never know, her friends might then ask you to dance after that.

Do The Classes

One of the best ways to meet people and break the ice is to do a class. You get to know some more people at your level and that connection in class breaks down the barrier of fear when it comes to asking her to dance at night. The only problem is that sometimes the ladies during the day will be wearing their "class clothes", have glasses on and tie their hair back, so be prepared for her to look completely different at the party night (in a good way).

Pay Her a Compliment

It sounds cheesey but if the lady looks good, tell her so. Don't be sleazy about it but the girls spend a lot of time to look good on the dance floor and I think most of them appreciate when they get a genuine compliment.

Don't Ruin Her Hair

Going along with the point above, try not to ruin her hair or pull her clothes when doing moves. If the girl spends the whole dance worrying whether her top has shifted or her hair looks messed up, then it won't be a good dance.

Don't Smell (Badly)

You will laugh but come on, if you're pouring with sweat, your feet smell and you have bad breath, would you even want to be near the person, never mind dance with them. Shoes and breath are easy to sort out, if you don't know how, then you shouldn't be allowed out !! As for the sweaty shirt thing, then bring a few extra t-shirts or shirts. Maybe even try a t-shirt under your shirt or a waistcoat/jacket. You might ultimately be hotter yourself but the sweat won't soak through as easy. Remember the lady has to keep her hands in contact for a lot of the moves ..... so just go and change that top when it's obvious.

Hunt in Groups

That's a bit of a joke but it does work. If you see a few ladies together, bring a wing-man with you and ask them together, it's just another little ice breaker. Then when the dance is over, you can politely swap partners and hey presto, two dances for the price of one.

Don't Show Off (Deliberately)

If you try to do lots of crazy moves on the dance floor, you might think it looks good but it can be intimidating for people watching. So if you don't want any ladies to ask you, go right ahead, but you'll be the one doing all the asking.

Finally, Make the Lady Look Good

This should go without saying as it should be taught in every lesson from day one. Don't push the lady and try and do moves or things she can't do. Make her feel good and then she will relax and look good. Who knows, she might even crack a smile. If you do this and she looks like she's having a good time, this will be obvious to those watching and I guarantee you will get ladies asking you to dance all night long.


I've called these rules or guidelines, but at the end of the day .... it's dancing. Just enjoy yourself and do your thing. If you have a good time, then hopefully the ladies enjoy it as well and you'll be on your way to sore feet in the morning. Happy dancing.

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