Do You Have Tight Hips From Dancing

A quick video to help you stretch out your hip flexors after dancing.

If you've ever suffered from sore hips, lower back or legs, then it's possible your Hip Flexors are tight. Please note straight away that I have no medical background and any advice should be taken as just helpful guidance. If you have real pain, go see your doctor, although they will probably just tell you to rest and take some painkillers, so this is worth a go first.

Two of the common things that are blamed for tight hips are sitting down at a desk all day and wearing high heels. So I'm guessing that an office worker who dances is a prime candidate. I know for a fact that most salsa dancers (unless they are performers) don't warmup before a night out and don't stretch afterwards. However, I've learned from experience that we really should be doing this as a habit, since lots of short interval dancing followed by sitting down, can certainly lead to tight muscles, including the hips. Then heading home and straight to bed and your muscles never get a chance to relax and stretch out again.

Reading up on what the hip flexors do, one of the main jobs is "Moving your legs from side to side and front to back." .... does that sound familiar if you're a salsa dancer ?

If you have 5 minutes, give this a go and see if it helps. Follow the instructions carefully as I used to do this incorrectly, not tilting forward at the hips and I was basically just leaning forward which did nothing at all. If you tilt correctly and keep the back straight, you will feel this down the front of your leg, right from the hip to the knee, almost like a quad stretch. Don't push it too much to start with but hopefully you might get some relief and feel a little looser after your next dancing session. Good luck.

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