Salsa Dance Classes in Belfast - Perfect for Beginners

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What Will I Learn In The Class

Salsa is a partnerwork dance, but you will start with a few basic steps on your own. We will teach the leaders about timing and how to lead, while the ladies will learn how to do their basic step, how to follow the lead and a few things to make themselves look graceful.

After this, we get everyone partnered up and we teach the basics as a couple. We rotate partners throughout the class so you will dance with everyone during the lesson (but we try to always get you back to your original partner for learning something new). 

We will play music so you can practice each part and feel what it's like to dance to the music. It is a dance class after all, so the music plays a big part.

We keep moving on at a pace to suit the class but hopefully we will cover all of the fundamentals and give you a good experience of salsa dancing. After this, it's up to you to decide if you want to do any more lessons, but it's a great way to try it out without any commitment to a long term course.

I've Never Heard Salsa Music Before - What Is It

Salsa is a mixture of lots of different rhythms, hence the name "salsa" which means sauce. You will find african and cuban drum beats, combined with jazz instruments from New York as well as the Spanish lyrics from South America and Puerto Rico. Salsa music is one of the most infectious genres around and once you're hooked, you'll not want to listen to anything else. As a quick example, here is a song from one of the legends of salsa - Tito Rodriguez.

What Does Salsa Dancing Look Like

If you've never seen salsa before, then you can check out the Videos section on our Facebook page (You can still view this even if you're not on Facebook). Unfortunately if you've only seen Salsa on Strictly Come Dancing or in the movie Dirty Dancing, then the reality isn't quite the same. You'll have to come along for yourself to find out what it's really like - watermelons are optional !!

I Have Some More Questions

For answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions, please check out the Question and Answer page here. Alternatively, drop us an email to [email protected] or call us direct on 07779293368

Beginners Salsa Classes Belfast

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