Comparing Salsa Dancing to Running

Just a humorous little insight in to David's life, combining Salsa and Running

Anyone who knows David will know that he loves salsa dancing but also loves running. So how do they compare ?

What Makes Salsa and Running the Same ?

  • Both are highly addictive
  • Your wardrobe (shoes and clothes) changes to suit your new hobby
  • After a good session, you'll be sweating profusely
  • Your muggle friends will never understand why you love it so much
  • You'll happily travel the country just to get your fix
  • The social side of it becomes very important, seeing the same people in different places

And What Is Different ?

  • Unless you're really good, you don't normally get a medal for dancing.
  • Salsa is normally done in a hot sweaty room, running is still sweaty, but a lot more outdoors
  • Most people run in the morning, you don't often do salsa at 8am (unless you're at the Scottish Congress)
  • You can get up and run on your own, that would get a bit boring with salsa

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