Salsa Dance Classes and Social Dancing in Belfast

Nu Salsa is one of the longest running dance schools in Belfast, since starting our first salsa dance class in 2004. We have been teaching salsa throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland ever since. We have also travelled the world to learn from some of the best salsa teachers on the planet and listen to some of the finest bands and DJs while we're doing it.  If you want to learn to dance salsa in Belfast and meet new people, you've come to the right place.

Current Lessons in Belfast

Right now (June 2018), we have no classes running due to other work commitments. If you are interested in starting with us or coming along to our classes because you're an existing dancer, sign up to our mailing list using the link below (we send one email a month) or Like the Facebook page.

Next Salsa Party in Belfast

The next big event in Belfast will be on Saturday 23rd June in Drumbeg.

What The Class Levels Mean

We use our own rating for our lessons. We do this because there is always confusion over what defines an "improver" dancer or what level you should be in if you've been dancing for 5 years. We don't think time dancing necessarily means that you're a better dancer, in fact some of our students who started with us one year ago would be considered technically better than someone who may have danced on and off for 10 years !!

Level 1 - Absolute Beginner. In your first few salsa lessons, you will learn the basic steps, a few turns and the cross body lead move. You'll get an introduction to salsa music and basically give you everything you need to attend your first social and be able to get up and give it a go, as scary as that sounds.

Level 2 - The next step after your beginners course. At this stage, you will learn more "moves" and learn about Leading and Following on the dance floor. Everything will be new to you at this stage, but that's the fun part of it. You will learn a lot in these classes. Some people choose to stick at this level until they have the confidence to move on.

Level 3 - What some would call Improver/Intermediate level. In these lessons, we start to really focus on the technique side of things. You will generally learn a "pattern" or a sequence of moves during the class. Emphasis will be on the men leading the move well and the ladies will incorporate some styling to their dancing.

Level 4 - Most of the dancers in Belfast will see this as the top level. This is for the more experienced dancers who want to really push themselves. You will be expected to be confident with leading/following, spinning and practising on your own. Most dancers at this level will be travelling outside of NI to different events and congresses.

Level 5 - Mainly reserved for when we have guest teachers visiting. This advanced class will really push your level, where you will learn complicated patterns, difficult footwork and unusual moves. However, for those who can master this level, your dancefloor level will be raised immensely.

What Style Of Salsa Do We Teach

We predominantly teach cross body style salsa, sometimes referred to as L.A. style or New York style. Generally we teach on1 but sometimes also on2. We also teach cha-cha from time to time. 

If you are interested in Cuban style salsa, bachata or kizomba, we can give you information on the local teachers for these styles of dance.

Salsa Dancing In Belfast 

There are several salsa dance clubs in Belfast where you can go to practice what you have learned in your dance classes. We run our own parties at the Ivanhoe Hotel, you can get more information on our socials page here. There is a great facebook group called "Salsa in Belfast" which gives all the up to date info on salsa nights in Belfast. 


Here's a little clip of David and Suzanne messing around before teaching a class in Dublin.

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